Here at Singsås station we welcome new interns from all around the world.
Nordic Design Crew is an Erasmus+ partner organization. wich means that students staying with us, have the opportunity to apply for financial support through EU funds.
We have a six hours workday with a mentor, making room for using the studio as a play ground in the evening. 

Meet Our Interns
Matilda Lennartsson
Graphic Designer from Borås, Sweden. A student at Brobygrafiska.
Elin Rosengren
Graphic Designer from Kristinehamn, Sweden. A student at Brobygrafiska.
Tintin Agerström
Graphic Designer from Löddeköpinge, Sweden. A student at Brobygrafiska.
Lisa Grindbo
Graphic Designer from Karlstad, Sweden. A student at Brobygrafiska.
Selim Baħri
Graphic Designer from Tunis, Tunisia. A student at ESSTED.
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